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Kylie Jenner: Does she have a new baby name?

Kylie Jenner: Does she have a new baby name?

entrepreneur Kylie Jenner (24) and her partner, rapper Travis Scott (30, born Jack Berman Webster II), are happy parents of two children. Little Stormi Webster (4) was born on February 1, 2018. On February 2, 2022 He is succeeded by Stormy’s brother, Wolf Webster (2 months).

Stormi seemed to be a real whirlwind, after all she’s been raging her whole life with her beautiful first name for three years. When it comes to the name Wolf, it seems that Kylie Jenner and her husband weren’t so lucky. Baby’s first name Boys are changed and fans are already speculating about what little baby will soon be called.

Kylie Jenner announced her name change on her Instagram story

Kylie Jenner dropped a bombshell on her Instagram story in mid-March. “FYI: Our son is no longer called Wolf. We just noticed he doesn’t fit. I just wanted to tell you briefly because I read Wolf’s name everywhere,” the entrepreneur told fans, without revealing what her second son should be called in the future.

A month later, fans are still wondering what the name of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s son is. But in an interview with, the entrepreneur explains exactly when she decided to change her name and why she left fans in the dark for so long because of the new name.

After the baby was born, the birth certificate had to be signed quickly, and apparently very quickly for the young mother. “The second time I signed the title deed, I knew I might change his name again,” she said with a laugh, adding, “We haven’t officially changed his name yet, but we are in the process.” As long as a name change is not legally valid, she wants to keep her son’s new name to herself.

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Fans are speculating about the new name

Although Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have remained silent, some fans say they only discovered evidence of the baby’s name. the reason? According to reports, Kylie Jenner shares a relationship with her sister Kendall Jenner Released (26) makeup line. One shade in the painting is called “Ky and Kenny.” So after the name change, will little Kenny’s life make Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s life better? At least that’s what some fans suspect, and one speculated on Reddit: “Maybe Kylie will rename ‘Wolf’ to Kenny after her sister?” The enthusiasm of the fan deserves all the appreciation. But it is likely that the two sisters created the shade together and thus gave them both names.