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Filmstills "Fresh", Mimi Cave, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Sebastian Stan

Fresh is a brutal movie and definitely the movie of the year

In the horror thriller Fresh, director Mimi Cave turns dating as it was in 2022 into an incredible horror journey. Daisy Edgar Jones and Sebastian Stan star in this crazy and violent thriller, which premieres April 15 on Disney+.

to Philip Amberger

“Your scarf is indulging in spaghetti,” Noah (Daisy Edgar Jones) tells Chad (Brett Dyer) to date. And that’s not the worst part of the meeting. Before that, Chad criticized Noah’s appearance and denied her femininity due to her oversized jacket. When a man in his twenties finally rejects him in a friendly manner, she must be insulted and verbally demoted in return. Toxic masculinity at its best.

Bad date with Chad is just one of many Noah has dated. You can use it as Tenderella, as a Tinder Heavy user. Fortunately, “Fresh” is a movie, and so there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the man who dreams of utopia, but rather romantic, in the supermarket among broccoli and grapes. The look of the handsome and charming Steve (Sebastian Stan).

little Wing: The supermarket’s struggle with Steve ends badly for Noah. So bad that previous appointments seem to work. At first, Steve still loves the young woman to eat, but of course: the nice guy is something else – as a psychopath in this case and the new love affair becomes a struggle for survival. No further information has been revealed at this point. The less you know about the movie beforehand, the better. In terms of genre, “Fresh” is likely to be somewhere at the interface between horror and thriller, and then there are comedic elements as well.

There’s a first-class kitchen dance scene starring Sebastian Stan, Marvel’s companion Captain America. Stan, who has lived in Vienna for four years, is based on this year’s Pamela Anderson series “Pam and Tommy” He finally uses his acting potential and breaks with the Marvel brand. The character of Stan could join some of the biggest names in cinema history such as Patrick Bateman (“American Psycho”) and Hannibal Lecter (“The Silence of the Lambs”).

His counterpart is also excellently cast with Daisy Edgar-Jones as Noa. She will appear later this year in the best-selling film Where do giraffes sing? and appearing in the true crime series Under the Banner of Heaven opposite Andrew Garfield. This year is looking pretty good for the 23-year-old Briton, who has mainly acted in the TV series (“Ordinary People”) so far.

movie clips "Fresh"Mimi Cave, Daisy Edgar Jones, Sebastian Stan

Disney +

Daisy Edgar Jones as Noah in Fresh

Lots of sting and hard breaks

Director Mimi How created the first quarter as a RomCom. But here, too, the posterior danger falters again and again. But Noah shrugs off the red flags, also dating from 2022. About half an hour into filming, the final break comes, the opening credits can be seen, and “Fresh” mounts. The horror thriller is so weird that Sebastian Stan’s mother A little joy with the performance Her son is in the movie.

Director Mimi How creates the potential horror on the one hand from modern dating behavior, characterized by disappointments, and on the other from the toxic possessiveness that men develop towards women. In this review, “Fresh” has a lot of sting, and it’s successful and unforgiving. The film marks Cave’s debut as a director, and what a debut. This gives great anticipation for future projects.

‘Fresh’ through and through

“Fresh” keeps what the name promises. From camera shots to elegant grading and 1A soundtracks. The basic story has already been seen in one movie or another, but it comes to screen here with sudden twists and, above all, violent and brutal. With a mixture of brutality and comedy, the director creates how harsh breaks are without pushing the message too hard in the viewer’s face. In terms of mood, this reminds us of Jordan Peele’s hit movie sometimes “Get out”. The two films can shake hands in the horror 2.0 genre, and show how modern horror works.

movie clips "Fresh"Mimi Cave, Daisy Edgar Jones, Sebastian Stan

Disney +

A Laugh Can Be Too Scary: Steve (Sebastian Stan) in ‘Fresh’

“Fresh” is an exceptional movie, with a few minor bugs creeping in here and there, but they don’t really matter. Everything around is very good. From the stage and crew to the point where the story ends at the end, there’s a lot here. This really makes “Fresh” the best movie of the year. Shared with another favorite movie FM4″promising young womenThis would make a good double advantage. A small “disadvantage” remains: after that, you will not want to use Tinder for a while.