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LASK expands support team

LASK expands support team

Linz. Additions to LASK’s Supervising Team: Maximilian Ritscher becomes additional assistant coach, Dino Buric becomes athletic coordinator, Daniel Rozsa handles video analysis from Chief Scout Dustin Heun and Thomas Gebauer is the new team manager.

After deciding to extend with Andreas Welland as head coach until 2024, LASK officials took advantage of the break during the holidays and expanded their support team.

27-year-old Maximilian Richter will be the Additional Assistant Coach. The former defensive midfielder has been working in a LASK environment since 2018. Initially, he worked as an assistant coach and video analyst at AKA LASK Juniors OÖ before Ritscher assumed the position of assistant coach at FC Juniors OÖ in August 2020.

As the new Sports Coordinator, Admira’s Sports Director Radovan Vujanovic has brought Dino Buric, the former head of the Academy’s Sports Department and Professionals, to LASK. Daniel Rosa is tasked with analyzing the video. The 29-year-old has been an assistant coach at FC Juniors OÖ since 2020. Consequently, former video analyst Dustin Heun can fully focus on his role as chief scout at LASK in the future.

New Team Manager

LASK’s new team manager is now replacement goalkeeper Thomas Gebauer. The 39-year-old will move to the supervisory staff at LASK, but he will also remain a goalkeeper on the LASK team until the end of the season, thus letting his active career end with a double role. “I was excited about the conversations with everyone and the way they approached their new assignments. With Dino Buric we were able to win our Man of the Year title as a link between AKA and the pros. With Thomas Gibor, the current team captain, who also knows all the operations and all the contacts, he is now the team manager” , says Radovan Vujanovic, Director of Sports at LASK.