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Four Hills Championship: Innsbruck Jump Canceled Due to Wind Chaos!

Four Hills Championship: Innsbruck Jump Canceled Due to Wind Chaos!

Wind chaos in Innsbruck causes the third jump of the Four Hills Championship to be cancelled!

In fact this should happen today, on Monday there was a qualification for it. But the weather thwarted this plan.

A contingency plan is being implemented so you can still finish the Four Hills Championship!

First of all, the trial run was postponed to 12:30 PM due to bad weather. Then this was completely scrapped because there was no improvement.

At 1.30pm the jump should begin without a trial run. But it did not reach it! After several delays from the start time, the competition was canceled entirely.

The jump will be repeated on January 5th in Bischofshofen (planned at 4.30 pm, live on in the bar and on ARD / Eurosport) – if a trial run is possible in advance.

Then the qualification from Innsbruck is applied, jumped into the knockout mode.

On January 6 (4.45 pm, live on in videotape and ARD / Eurosport) the 4th competition – but without qualification, which otherwise would have had to be held on the 5th.

According to the regulations, this is not a problem. Then all 77 jumpers start.

It is also envisaged that Thursday’s test run will be converted into a qualification. Then, as always, the 50 players will start at 4.30pm. The jury is still giving FIS advice.

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