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LASK goalkeeper Alexander Schlager is about to move to Salzburg

LASK goalkeeper Alexander Schlager is about to move to Salzburg

It was announced on Wednesday that goalkeeper Alexander Schlager will not extend his contract with LASK, which is set to expire in the summer.

Now it seems clear where the 26-year-old is headed. Such as “CrownReported, Schlager’s return to his former club FC Red Bull Salzburg should be firm.

Schlager trained with the “Bulls” and moved to LASK in 2017, where he became a regular goalkeeper and national player. Schlager had already received an offer from Salzburg last summer, but the deal fell through at the time because the athletes demanded a fee.

Did Schlager become second?

But in the summer of next year, the change will obviously happen twelve months too late. In Salzburg’s line-up there are already two high-quality goalkeepers, Philip Cohn and Nico Mantel. Schlager seems to accept this fact.

Swiss Cohn is sometimes considered a possible candidate for emigration, and the ÖFB custodian is likely to be on screen in his decision.

Schlager’s new salary should also be princely: Kron reports around 60,000 euros a month. There is also speculation about how Schlager will continue in Linz.

The guard still has to compete with the athletes in the spring championship. It cannot be ruled out that LASK coach Didi Kohbauer is already planning for the future and therefore prefers goalkeeper Tobias Lawal-Schlager.

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