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Laskler Lokender after the defeat against SK Sturm: “We were very cautious in the first half” – Bundesliga

Laskler Lokender after the defeat against SK Sturm: “We were very cautious in the first half” – Bundesliga

The result of the first and second half in the table is 1-0 SK Sturm Graz In the traditional duel vs LASK happened. Bras put the Styrian team on the path to victory, even if the visitors showed morale and came up again in the final stage against the tired Austrian FA Cup champions. But in the absence of captain and top scorer Robert Zolli, who remains injured, the athletes still lack influence. The team now ranks fourth in the standings, and has scored only one goal in seven matches. Defender Felix Lokender scored from a regular ball. The 30-year-old from Linz is also starting his career Formulations From the guests….

After the absence of Robert Zolli and Filip Zeres due to injury and the replacement of Sascha Horvath, Felix Lokender (right) takes over the captaincy as fourth captain. Who scored the only goal for LASK in the last seven matches in the English Premier League. Linzer have been waiting for an away goal since December and the last two goals from the field were their only ones in 2024. On 11 February. In the return match against Austria Klagenfurt (2: 2) by a double player Robert Zulj.

“If you don't do some of the quality things you get in Graz, you won't get any points.”

Felix Lokender (LASK defender): “We were very cautious in the first half. This was the first time the two teams played a match in extreme temperatures. I noticed that. In the end, we don't reward ourselves. If you don't do the few quality things you get in Graz, you won't get any points.

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Tobias Lawal (LASK goalkeeper): “It wasn't enough today. We simply made too many mistakes in the first half. There simply wasn't enough going forward. At least we had chances in the second half. Unfortunately we failed to equalize.”

“Obviously we were the better team in the second half.”

Elias Havel (LASK striker): “I think we were clearly the better team in the second half. We would have gotten at least one point.”

“Unfortunately, this is not enough for more than a good second half.”

Thomas Sajder (LASK coach) about…

the game: “We didn't start the game well in the first half. It was erratic in the build-up. Sturm was very dangerous in the transitions, and we couldn't secure enough balls to go forward and gave away a lot of balls. We improved significantly in the second half and were able to create some chances.” “Unfortunately, that was not enough to win a point in the end.”

Continue the game: “It was exactly the aforementioned transition game where Sturm became really dangerous two or three times. In the end you could see we had the physical advantage over the game. Then we gave them a lot of possession and created chances, but unfortunately it wasn't enough for more than a good second half.” “.

…the Philippe Zeres off the field (Before the match): He tore his neck open at the beginning of the week. Unfortunately he wasn't fit until the match. Then I decided we wouldn't take him with us because he couldn't help from the bench.

“LASK has problems creating chances and appearing dominant.”

Andreas Herzog (sky expert) for LASK: “LASK are having problems creating chances and looking dominant. Today the last 20-25 minutes were very good. However, that was to be expected as LASK did not have a tough away game in Salzburg. It was clear that the game could be close again.

After that, LASK performed well, but missed two or three good chances to make it 1-1. Then you come back with an away defeat and you certainly can't be happy with what's happened in the last few weeks.

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