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“Red line!”  – Chairman of the referees strongly criticizes Andreas Schecker

“Red line!” – Chairman of the referees strongly criticizes Andreas Schecker

The exclusions in the final stage of the Bundesliga match between Sturm Graz and Red Bull Salzburg last weekend are still causing ripples.

In addition to RB Salzburg's Lukas Jorna-Duath (one match), Dimitri Lavallee (one match) and John Gorenc-Stankovic (two matches) have also been suspended. This is why the ban came >>>

However, Andreas Schecker, Graz's sporting director, got the worst of it and was fined €2,000 plus a one-month ban (=six competitive matches) for harshly criticizing referee Stefan Ebner, as he had no contact for 30 minutes. Before and after the match allowed in the team, he was judged.

Sheker has already expressed a significant lack of understanding about the suspensions >>>

That's why Sturm's managing director officially protested his suspension on Friday. Sheker explained to Sky: “For me, proportionality does not exist. I am suspended for six matches, including the cup final.”

Due to allegations of manipulation and fraud

The reason Sheker eventually received such a long ban may also have something to do with his behavior in the last few months, as Ali Hoffman, head of refereeing, explains to Sky.

“The referees told me that there is only one sporting director in Austria who always comes into the locker room after every match, and he came into the locker room several times during half-time to criticize the referees,” says Hofmann. Last Sunday, he also followed referee Stefan Ebner into the dressing room:

“Apparently Mr. Sheker returned to the dressing room ten or 15 minutes later, and there were also witnesses there. He then repeated and confirmed the statements he made on the field,” says Hoffman.

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What were the statements? “He is said to have said that we will kneel before Salzburg. Accusations of manipulation and fraud are a red line for refereeing. We are taking decisive action against this. Emotions are one thing, but respect for football, refereeing and the opponent is another.”

Sheker: “We firmly reject the accusations.”

How does Andreas Schecker react? He couldn't imagine the athletic director was talking about Hoffman, who regularly appeared in the referee's locker room: “There was an incident in the fall where I lightly touched Mr. Weinberger. I haven't been in the referee's box since.” So he couldn't talk to me.”

“I strongly reject the allegations made by Mr. Hoffman as well. I simply told him that he does not have to drop players because that will determine the tournament in the future,” Sheker said.

In addition to the criticism, Sturm's sporting director also expressed remorse. He also knows he didn't behave well: “Kneeling was rubbish, of course, as was walking into the dressing room afterwards. I admit that too.”

This is what Sturm Stadium in Liebenau could look like