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Google chief Sundar Pichai wants to make the company he runs “20 percent more productive.” The director made a similar statement at the Code conference. This is the latest indication that the search engine giant wants to respond to economic uncertainty with changes.


It appears that he wants to save in light of the slowdown in customer growth. People familiar with the operations said the streaming service is taking a number of measures to reduce spending.


Stripping its landlines business to Cogent Communications. The US subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom is disengaging from the fiber-optic network and the customers it acquired during the Sprint acquisition and focusing solely on its mobile communications business with customers and private companies. A statement from Cogent talks about adding an ideal strategy to an existing business.

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Elon Musk He had partial success in the legal battle with Twitter over the failed $44 billion acquisition of the SMS service. A Delaware court allows Musk to include former Twitter security chief Peter Zatko’s allegations of mismanagement in his lawsuit. But Judge Kathleen McCormick rejected Musk’s request to postpone the start of the trial from October 17 to November.


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September 07, 2022, 12:30 PM ET (16:30 GMT)

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