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Latest win at home against Ardagger

Latest win at home against Ardagger

Effective scorer

Against a tough opponent, it took some time for both teams to create their first chances. Less than ten minutes later, the visitors scored from a promising position for the first time, but they did not pose a problem for Josic.

The young violet plants took a little longer, but they proved very effective. The Austrian played the ball down the middle on the left side, with captain Hosiner scoring the opening goal with a header!

More confidence through driving

The game remained balanced until the lead, but with a 1-0 lead, the Young Violets dominated possession, but further chances did not arise until the final stage of the first half.

Saljic first struck a long-range shot after about 40 minutes, and soon after that he wanted to surprise the visitors with a quick free-kick. However, Ardagger remained alert and immediately counterattacked. But Gosek was not surprised either and was able to explain.

It was Sanel Salcic who had to stay focused. While trying to play the ball forward out of defence, Salic was fouled and subsequently substituted injured. The referee showed the yellow card and shortly after stoppage time we went to the dressing room with a 1-0 lead.

Better start to the second half!

The momentum from the final phase of the first half was transferred into the second half and in the 49th minute Soterlotti put the ball into the net after a great pass from Izderich to make it 2-0!

The young Violets stayed on the trigger and after about an hour, Wojnar was the quickest in the penalty area and made it 3-0!

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In the 71st minute, the visitors showed signs of life again, but Josic in the violets’ goal was the winner of a one-on-one match. About ten minutes before the end, Sawicki almost scored the fourth goal, but the visiting team’s goalkeeper made a wonderful save. So the win remained deserved at home with a score of 3-0. This meant that the Young Violets were able to successfully finish their last home match of the tournament in the first half of the season.

Young Violets Austria Vienna – SG Ardger Steen & Mehr Wedorf 3:0 (1:0)

Violet youth: Josic – Marković, Wojnar, Ilić – Iwemadi (83. Stokel), Scharner, Abdi, Austrian (72. Sawicki) – Saljic (44. Izderich), Hosiner (83. Bajrakterević), Soterloti (83. Nessandzic).

Gates: Hosiner (25), Sotterlotti (49), Wojnar (62)

to rule: Before Divkovic, Austria Academy180 spectators