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Launch of the annual Personal Player Review

Launch of the annual Personal Player Review

At the end of the year, Valve will provide all PC gamers with a user account on the platform steam Their personal review of the past 12 months. This reveals what, when and how often we played.

Steam Users Personal Review

Valve is introducing Steam Replay for the first time this year. Both can be found Online store home page And also by clicking this link. The new feature was announced with a funny video and now gives users an interesting insight into their behavior in games.

Among other things, the page displays games that have been played this year or that have just started. The review also shows personal highlights, i.e. games that have been started frequently or for a long time. Information such as the number of achievements collected, games played, or longest game streak can also be compared with the average values ​​of the Steam community.

Also interesting: the review also reveals which genres and input methods are preferred and whether current games or classics are played. By default, the review is of course only privately accessible to each user. If you like, you can share it in the activities of your Steam friends or via Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

More annual reviews

Of course, Steam isn’t the only provider offering its users such a review of the past year: Sony’s got it Playstation summary It started 2 weeks ago too Nintendo Switching players offers such an advantage. Music lovers can also look back to 2022 with Spotify and YouTube Music (both in the app), for example.

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Hint: If you’d like to store your library now for the next Steam Replay, you can do so until January 5, 2023 In the Steam Winter Sale Shop loads of games and downloadable content at discount prices.