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PlayStation Plus loses monthly updates and Game Pass follows

PlayStation Plus loses monthly updates and Game Pass follows

Despite the restructuring of the PlayStation Plus offer this year, many users are still not satisfied with the service. This is partly because many still look at Game Pass with envy, and partly because Sony itself isn’t fully delivering on its promises with PlayStation Plus.

That should change in 2023 and the focus will be increased again PlayStation Plus It is directed by new ideas and new approaches. This is what the current rumors claim Games analystswho cite their own sources.

Monthly updates are deleted

Accordingly, Sony will make extensive adjustments to its PlayStation Plus offering again in 2023 and will drop monthly updates at or from the incremental tier. Instead, they’re said to follow Game Pass and want to offer more Day 1 releases, maybe even to match.

It is unclear where this information comes from, as the sources have not yet been disclosed. As usual, the report must therefore be treated with extreme caution and reserved at first as hearsay.

Obviously something has to be done with PlayStation Plus. At the very least, Sony has to deliver on the promises made last year, and that’s especially true of the classics.

If more Day 1 releases are finally released, it can only be beneficial for users. This is ultimately the crux of why many see Game Pass as a better alternative, even though Sony still says it doesn’t want to compete with Game Pass. This was recently confirmed again by Sony President Jim Ryan, who does not see serious competition in Microsoft’s subscription service due to the number of Game Pass subscriptions.

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We will find out later this week what PlayStation Plus will offer next January. employment Leaked to PlayStation Plus Essential He precedes him as usual and expects an exciting line-up