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Lavrov travels to Turkey for the grain deal

Lavrov travels to Turkey for the grain deal

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov plans to visit Ankara on Wednesday. Turkish media reported that during Lavrov’s visit, a plan should be drawn up for the shipment of grain.

According to Bloomberg, a draft agreement is available. Accordingly, the grain will be shipped from an important port on the Black Sea. Apparently Odessa is meant. According to Bloomberg, Ukraine fears that Moscow may use the plan, which provides for Turkish assistance in clearing mines and escorting grain ships, to launch an attack on the city.

Zelensky demands security corridor

President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday that Turkey could mediate an end to the Russian blockade of the ports. “We are ready to export grain and break the Russian rhetoric that we do not want to export it and cause a food crisis,” Zelensky said. But you need a “safety lane”. The best guarantees are weapons. “We are working on it and we will receive anti-ship systems.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed that the transport of Ukrainian wheat would be one of the most important issues. But the Russians are calling for sanctions relief.

There is no quick fix in sight

Many experts don’t think there can be a quick fix. As for the Ujkrainers, neither Zeloensky nor his foreign ministers were invited to the talks. According to Zelensky she is currently The Ukrainian president told reporters in Kyiv that 20-25 million tons of grain had been banned, “by autumn this number may rise to 70-75 million tons.”

According to him, ten million tons of grain can be exported per month by sea. Ukraine is also in discussions with Poland and the Baltic states about exporting small quantities of grain by rail.

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In five weeks the problem will not become more dramatic as the next harvest is due and there are not enough silos.