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Lawo's first audio app HOME has all the qualities of mc² DSP – and much more

Lawo's first audio app HOME has all the qualities of mc² DSP – and much more

In a much-anticipated online event, Lawo today announced HOME mc² DSP, the microservices-based counterpart to Lawo's unparalleled A__UHD Core.

As a new member of the HOME family of apps, the HOME mc² DSP is a server-based, lightweight, ultra-low latency audio engine. It combines the outstanding flexibility of the HOME Apps platform in terms of connectivity and scalability with Lawo's legendary audio processing quality and feels completely familiar instantly.

The HOME mc² DSP app can be controlled using mc² controllers and provides a push-button (virtual) mixing system when high-quality audio needs to be released in a short time.

The HOME mc² DSP is the ideal audio choice for progressively converging video/audio production environments. With all the features of the FPGA-based A__UHD Core processor platform in CPU-based software form, the HOME mc² DSP allows users to experience reliable mc² processing quality with greater precision and detail.

As part of the HOME App Platform, the HOME mc² DSP takes advantage of the flexibility that comes from abstracting editing functions from hardware: it uses Lawo's Flex licensing and subscription model, which allows users to use their subscription credits at any time. – Either audio or video – can be customized. This flexible approach creates clear budget realities and also allows processor capabilities to be “shifted” from one location – such as a production center – to another, such as an OB truck or remote site.

The primary purpose of the HOME mc² DSP is to provide audio processing in situations where an A__UHD Core is not available or when it is practical to remain at the HOME application level. This application makes it easy to configure the processor core with the required number of DSP channels for a variety of use cases.

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Despite the CPU-based architecture, the HOME mc² DSP delivers ultra-low latency that can easily compete with its hardware processor companion. All the functions and features are so similar that even experienced users cannot tell whether their console interface or headless mixer is currently controlling a hardware-based A__UHD core or a mc² DSP application. The two can be switched with the touch of a button in the main user interface.

The HOME mc² DSP application automatically adapts to future CPU developments and can provide several thousand DSP channels if necessary. With support for mono, stereo, 5.1, and NGA mixing formats, a flexible number of AUX, GRP, SUM buses and much more, the HOME mc² DSP is the application-based alternative to the A__UHD Core. Any HOME application can be stopped at any time, freeing up server capacity, elastic credits, and reducing power consumption.

“HOME mc² DSP takes advantage of the unique detail and flexibility of the HOME Apps platform in terms of input and output protocols for transporting media data,” says Christian Struck, Senior Product Manager for Audio Infrastructure at Lawo. “It supports mixed production environments where formats such as SMPTE ST2110, NDI, SRT and perhaps future methods must be available at the same time. At the same time, the A__UHD Core will be with us for a long time as the backbone of pure audio workflows in a live environment.”

“The launch of the HOME mc² DSP is another milestone in Lawo's audio history,” explains Lukas Zwicker, Senior Director of Workflow and Integration in the CTO Office at Lawo. “It's not just a 'remix' of an existing product or approach: the entire HOME mc² DSP architecture is new from In order to optimally meet future converged audio, video and hardware-based processing requirements.However, the sound quality and functionality demanded by our mc² and crystal customers is of course key here as well.

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