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League of Legends Enters Series for Netflix!  Here is Arcane's first teaser!

League of Legends Enters Series for Netflix! Here is Arcane’s first teaser!

The free play phenomenon “League of Legends” It will be expanded! Netflix Ie has taken on the universe and commissioned a series on this topic. The result is: League of Legends – Arcane. The series will remain available this fall with a subscription to the N.C. Live Streaming service.

Here’s the first overview of your ad teaser:

Will the series end on your watchlist, or would you prefer to play another round? Write them in the comments:

My love for the movie really ignited in 1993, when my 11-year-old self was brainwashed by a massive ad campaign for Jurassic Park. Since then, this has also been my favorite movie. On the contrary, my heart is connected to Asian cinema and all culture. Regardless of whether it is Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China or Korea, films originating from Asia are always something very special and infinitely deeper than the similarity of American Hollywood. In terms of games, I had an excellent childhood, that is to say, NES and GAME BOY before many people followed suit. I’m still a Sega student. Favorite Directors: Hideaki Ano, Akira Kurosawa, Favorite Games: Metal Gear Solid 1, Final Fantasy VII, Zelda – Ocarina of Time Favorite movie composer: Jerry Goldsmith

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