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Die aktuellen Joy-Con der Nintendo Switch (C)Nintendo

Leak: Neuer Nintendo Switch Console

new Nintendo Switch The Observer appeared on the Internet before the official announcement. It is believed that this console can usher in the era nintendo 64 Address on nintendo converts It will be playable online. The new console may have other causes.

nintendo switch online

The new console can work well with extended module nintendo switch online Offer to pay the service order Nintendo Switch To be able to play titles online, you can have selected titles at the same time miscellaneous And SNES play title. subordinate nintendo switch online The service is very good, but unfortunately not nearly as generous as it seems at first glance. There are many classics on offer here, but also countless unsurprising titles that have not disappeared into oblivion at the time can be found here, while no trace of the majority of titles found on consoles can be found. That’s a shame, because the selection, which has expanded, is still very limited after all these years. So it will be at least one “new”, old nintendo Very welcome platform.

Here is the reference for Twitter One nintendo Insiders:

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Game Boy or Nintendo 64 controller?

with display miscellaneous And SNES games in nintendo switch online service from nintendo A separate console is offered for each console. The upcoming console could have something to do with extending the view online in the form of an additional console. So what is more appropriate for this than game boy/color boy game Address or better: Nintendo 64 Title in future online show The Nintendo Switch?

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Alternatively: New Joy-Cons without drift?

Of course, it could just be a new form of Joy cons Represent. After all, many originals suffer Joy cons Since it was posted on the so-called Joy Con Drift.

It is not clear what the leak is all about. nintendo Nothing has been posted yet. So do not rejoice early: such leaks are not tangible and cannot mean anything. So there is only hope to be Joy Con Drift or lack of Game BoyAnd Jim Boy the color or nintendo 64 On nintendo converts It will soon become a thing of the past.

those: Via SamusHunter2