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Lian Li Q58: checkerboard design for 14.5L canister

Bild: Lian Li

With Q58, Lian Li builds a flexible compact housing. Due to the variable layout, large components can also be used, but not all at the same time. The design, reminiscent of a chess board, is also unusual.

Lian Li creates the design using a combination of aluminum, frosted glass and sandblasted panels, which alternate on all sides. The combination of materials built into the design is also a compromise, it makes it possible to accommodate both the grille and the glass on the sides. The side air vents are an obvious advantage for the SFF trim, but the glass is a plus for buyers.

In any case, the Q58 takes a cooler with a height of 67 mm and graphics cards of a length of 320 mm, which are placed behind the motherboard via height cables. Other things that can be installed are determined by the power supply in front of the motherboard. Lian Li includes two main board drawers from which form factor and associated mounting height are determined.

In an ATX socket, the power supply slides directly under the top of the case. Then 160 mm ATX power supplies, but only one fan can be installed in the housing and only two 2.5-inch hard drives. When changing to an SFX power supply, a second tray is used, which holds the power supply approximately halfway. That means there are two additional hard drives and two 120 or 140mm fans or compatible radiators under the hood. Anyway, there is room for a 120mm fan on the floor. RGB hub and fan are always included in the device.

Flexibility in equipment and accessories

Q58 is also flexible in its product variants. The black and white colors will be offered in two versions starting September 24. As Q58X3 A PCIe 3.0 cable, Q58, is included for about 120€W4 For just under 160 euros, on the other hand, a PCIe 4.0 generation lift cable is used, and for the white version an additional 10 euros is required. All variants can also be equipped with mesh side panels from October 22nd. A set of two components that can be used to replace glass windows costs about 20 euros. ARGB strips, including the bracket suitable for mounting in the housing, cost just under 20 euros.

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