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Leaker: Apple iPhone SE 4 with an iPhone 15 Pro feature that even the iPhone 15 lacks

Leaker: Apple iPhone SE 4 with an iPhone 15 Pro feature that even the iPhone 15 lacks

Today iPhone SE 4 day! At least the leaks for the next generation iPhone SE, which was originally planned for early 2024, but eventually may come much later – the last time there was talk was early 2025. Unlike the current model, the iPhone SE is from 2022. (here Available on Amazon from around 500 euros) In the fourth generation of the iPhone Special Edition, Apple is moving away from the classic iPhone design with the Home button and Touch ID, according to previous leaks.

This was also confirmed today by the now active leaker @URedditor (see below), who provided more, very detailed information. Accordingly, the next “cheap iPhone” is based on the design of the iPhone 14, that is, it is still an ultra-modern model that has been lightened by the camera. So while Apple still sticks to the single camera of previous iPhone SE generations, other aspects are going to get more modern, like USB-C instead of a Lightning port or an OLED screen instead of an LCD, as we heard from China just a few hours ago.

According to the leaker, Face ID facial recognition will be taken over from the iPhone 14, and the wide notch remains as the new dynamic island’s defining feature on the base iPhone 15 model. Interestingly, Apple apparently plans to integrate the new action button, which is expected exclusively in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max in 2023, in the iPhone SE 4 instead of the classic mute key, which if this information is correct, It is actually a recent release of the iPhone SE 4 in 2025, otherwise Apple may find it difficult to explain this discrepancy to an iPhone 15 without an action button at the beginning of 2024.

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