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Lebanon: The clocks are changing

Lebanon: The clocks are changing

After much confusion, the hours in Lebanon are now switched from winter to summer and not just in several weeks. On Thursday night, clocks across the country will be set to daylight saving time, Prime Minister Najib Mikati made clear in a televised address today. Thus Mikati reversed a controversial decision to delay the time change until April 20.

The Prime Minister said in the previous decision that he wants to accommodate those who fast during Ramadan. Considering the longer winter time, they can have breakfast an hour earlier. The decision caused great criticism and confusion in Lebanon, which was deeply divided by religion. Many institutions – including the Maronite Church, but also the media and some schools – have rejected the decision and moved the clocks forward by one hour on Sunday night. Since then, there have been two parallel periods in the country.

Lebanon today is stuck in one of the worst economic crises in its history. For months without a president and a caretaker government headed by Mikati, the country was only able to function in a limited way. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently declared that the country is at a “very dangerous crossroads”.

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