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Siesta plans meet rejection –

Siesta plans meet rejection –

In order to reduce physical stress when working in the hot sun or in non-air-conditioned offices, company doctors in Germany have now suggested a lunch break of up to three hours a day. In Salzburg, they were met with refusal – for example from the company doctor and medical director of the AMD Occupational Medicine Service, Franz Sedelmeier.

“Introducing a longer lunch break is difficult for us because we don’t currently have the legal basis for it. Politicians will be called upon to lay the groundwork as other framework conditions must be provided: childcare, breaks and, of course, breaks. Also, no employee wants to work four or five hours, for example, and then have an unpaid break of several hours and then continue working again,” says Seidlmayer.

Salzburgers prefer flexible working hours to siesta

AKP Chairman Peter Eder says one would prefer to make working hours more flexible. “Earlier starting times, earlier finishing work and of course keeping it at 32.5 degrees – as has now been agreed upon. As a trade union chamber we would like there to be a legal anchor and the temperature was limited to 30 degrees,” says Eder.

Employees also react negatively to the suggestion: “I guess I can get that out of my head, because what are you going to do in three hours? People can’t go home, I think it’s absolutely crazy that you think about it,” says Foreman Anton Fitztum.

In Kadi there are no rooms for snoozing

“It’s hard, you need spatial conditions in which people can really relax, so they can take an afternoon nap. A quick survey in my office showed that my colleagues really don’t want it. Prefer to start earlier. In our city administration, office jobs start at 6:30 in the morning, ”says Karl Schopfer, head of the Salzburg City Information Center.

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Flexible time management is also not possible in many professions. On the construction site, however, technical assistance would be appreciated: “We still have old cranes. It’s very hot inside, so it’s important to make sure something is done there,” Foreman-Fitztum says.

Plans to siesta were met with refusal