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Lecture – Benkafeld: Artificial Intelligence and Digitization – What Now?

Lecture – Benkafeld: Artificial Intelligence and Digitization – What Now?

An exciting lecture and an even more exciting discussion with Hannes Wertner, former Dean of the Vienna University of Technology. The Oberschutz native talks about digitalization and the use of new technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI). A topic full of emotions, fears, half-knowledges and hopes. It is time to critically examine the impacts and resulting changes.

Understand algorithms properly

It seems inevitable that algorithms will decide about people and their futures – we have all long been exposed to the judgments of artificial intelligence: more and more companies have apps that are evaluated automatically, and more and more people receive notifications or information prepared by machines. Artificial intelligence and algorithms have long made our daily lives easier in the form of navigation systems, spelling software, search supplements, or purchase recommendations. But they often leave us feeling uncomfortable because we don’t really understand what’s going on. It is precisely this topic on which Hannes Werthner has taken a stand at the invitation of the Desch-Drexler Library and in collaboration with HTL Pinkafeld. “We need to design technologies in line with human values ​​and needs, rather than letting technologies shape people,” says Werthner.

After the lecture, there will be a high-level discussion in which Leonard Schneemann, State Counselor responsible for Digitization will also participate. The HTL Pinkafeld Sports and Cultural Association will provide drinks and snacks.

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