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Leon S Kennedy has been named Best Character by Resident Evil fans

Leon S Kennedy has been named Best Character by Resident Evil fans

However, the fan vote also has a few surprises up its sleeve.

According to a recent survey he conducted Famitsu Resident Evil fans did Leon Kennedy Voted her favorite character in the series while Jill Valentine And Chris Redfield Second and third place.

There are only a few days left until the long-awaited new version Resident Evil 4. To celebrate this fact, Famitsu recently ran a survey asking fans of the series various questions including which installment they started with, which game they think is the scariest (Resident Evil 7), who is most interesting and who is their favorite character.

The results of this fan vote out Twitter user bioranger_PT It was put online not too surprisingly. According to the poll, Leon Kennedy is the most popular character in the Resident Evil franchise, followed by Jill Valentine in second place and Chris Redfield in third place. This isn’t too surprising given how popular the three are, but the results get more interesting the further down you go.

  1. Leon S Kennedy (2637 points)
  2. Jill Valentine 1675 points
  3. Chris Redfield (1530 points)
  4. Ada Wong 1019 points
  5. Claire Redfield (858 points)
  6. Albert Wesker (731 points)
  7. Ethan Winters 721 points
  8. Rebecca Chambers (377)
  9. Nevan docks (355 points)
  10. HUNK 330 points

Consider how popular Resident Evil 4 It’s no surprise that Leon S. Kennedy takes the top spot, but there are a few surprises on the list. First of all, it’s surprising that Claire Redfield only came in fifth place despite starring in one of the most popular games in the series. As well as Pierce Nevans being universally hated Resident Evil 6 So make the list.

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