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This makes the braiding process very easy [Anleitung]

This makes the braiding process very easy [Anleitung]

Fun, girly, chic and always trendy… yeah, we’re talking about the herringbone braid. Even if this braided hairstyle seems a bit complicated at first, it’s worth it. Once you’ve mastered the basic technique, you’ll be able to do the braid really fast. In addition, the herringbone braid is very versatile and you can conjure up a variety of hairstyles with it. With a little skill and our tips, you can easily style your own hairdo.

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By the way, the fresh bone braid got its name because of its appearance, because it is reminiscent of the pattern of fish bones.

Herringbone braid requirements

A herringbone braid looks especially beautiful, loosely braided over the shoulder and with a hippie hair band. Braided hairstyles are easiest to achieve with medium or long hair, and natural to thick hair. Magdalena Bari from Thoma & Bari advises: “If you have fine hair, you should not braid it to the ends, but stop four to five centimeters beforehand!”

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Step by step instructions for wavy hairstyle

Herringbone braid: Step 1

First, tie the hair at the nape of the neck into a tight ponytail. More experienced braiders can also skip the first step and go straight to braiding.

Zigzag braid - step 1

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Herringbone braid: Step 2

Comb the hair straight and divide it into two equal parts.

Zigzag braid - step 2

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Herringbone braid: Step 3

Now it’s time to braid. To do this, take a small strand of hair from the outside of the right section and place it between the two sections.

Step 3

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Herringbone braid: Step 4

Now repeat this process with the second section of hair on the left, alternating constantly. Similar to three braid braids.

Step 4

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Herringbone braid: Step 5

Finally, secure the hair with a clear hair tie. Braid as tightly and tightly as possible for structure and support.

Step 5 Herringbone braid

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Herringbone braid: Step 6

For a more casual look, loosen the braid on the side with your fingers and pull on the individual strands, giving the braid more volume and structure. To finish, spray hairspray evenly.

Step 6

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Herringbone braid – video tutorial

Can’t do much with pictures? Are there still a thousand question marks in your head? Then we have a video tutorial for you here:

Different shapes of herringbone braid

Zigzag braid for beginners

Two herringbone braids

Zigzag braid half up half down

Square Braid Zigzag – Braided several times

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