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“Let’s Dance”: Model Alex Maria Peter had to go first

“Let’s Dance”: Model Alex Maria Peter had to go first

for forms Alex Maria Peter RTL’s dance show “Let’s Dance” ended shortly after it started. The 25-year-old broke up with her dance partner on Saturday night Alexandru Lonel from the broadcast. There were not enough votes from the audience to proceed.

After all, the jury has sorted out the couple in the lower midfield. However, the jurors also criticized the “cha-cha-cha” given by the model. The usual strict judge Joachim Lampe Denounce, for example, the situation. He said the 25-year-old was “a long way off” with her weight. He compared the scene to someone “holding a vendor’s tray” selling sweets. Lambie warned that this should be “more on foot”. She also has to work on her endurance. But there won’t be a second chance right now Peter – she’s out.

Favorite Anna Ermakova

Born in Cologne, who was the first transgender woman to win the “Germany’s Next Top Model” format in 2021, and the first celebrity to have to leave Let’s Dance. The show had launched its sixteenth season a week earlier. However, in the first episode, none of the celebrities had to go – it was initially about getting to know and making dancing couples. In “Let’s Dance” celebrities dance with professional dancers.

13 pairs are still in the running. He was much happier Friday night on the RTL floor for another model: Anna ErmakovaTennis legend’s daughter Boris Becker (55), once again convinced of a dance and can already be considered the front runner for the “Let’s Dance” victory. Also her mother, a model Angela ErmakovaThe 22-year-old reported afterwards that she was very proud of her. “Thank you, mom!” she said to the camera. In the first episode, Anna Ermakova danced her way to the top of the field of candidates.

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Excuse me on the floor

Between the pain of one model and the triumph of the other, there was room for an even stranger moment. After the TV chef Ali Jungermos (46) with his partner Christina Aviation Dancing technically not quite mature but fast on the floor, a hole in his pants suddenly appears. “I can’t explain why either!” said Gungormus. Then the lambic juror attempted an analysis. “I thought you were completely overwhelmed by the whole thing. A kick here, a kick there, an arm there,” he recounted the performance’s shortcomings—and then the pants ripped.

You can watch all episodes of Season 16 of “Let’s Dance” live on RTL or in streaming RTL+.