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Let's dance: revealed!  How Much Professional Dancers Should Earn

Let’s dance: revealed! How Much Professional Dancers Should Earn

What do the pros gain in Let’s Dance? According to a media report, there has to be an answer by now.

For professionals inlet’s go dancing“Her job is more than just a job, because dancing is her passion! Of course, getting involved in television is of course very charming. But can you make a living from that?

In the video above we present to you all the candidates for this season!

Was a man As a professional dancer She earned on RTL, and wants to tell the site that there are big financial differences: “The most important factors when calculating salary are membership in the show, the dance awards you’ve won, awareness and TV experience.”

After the break of love with Kathrin Menzinger (32): In the video below you can see with whom “Let’s Dance” professional Vadim Garbozov (34) found happiness.

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Huge wage differentials between “let’s dance” professionals

According to information on the site, high-income dance professionals should earn between 20,000 and 40,000 euros per season, according to “”, this may be due to famous “Let’s Dance” stars such as Massimo Senato (40) Take a baby break And the Christian Polanc (43) Apply. Plus, according to a former professional dancer, who was not mentioned by name, there was a bonus for those who made her particularly distant. It seems they no longer exist. And by far not everyone should receive such stars among the dancers. According to, the lesser known faces should be paid much less than 10,000 euros per season. Why do you join anyway? “A lot of professional dancers are fighting for jobs at Let’s Dance. This could lower the salaries of the newcomers,” said the former site participant. None of this information has been officially confirmed. A spokesperson for RTL told the site: “We generally do not comment on the content of the contract.”

In the video below you can see a new shot of the baby of Massimo!

These are tiny feet!  A new shot with your little lover

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But one thing is for sure: everything that solo dancers deserve – they do a lot for their money. In addition to the three and a half months the show takes, with grueling training and a live broadcast as well as various interviews, there are also two weeks of preparation time according to the report. The extent to which the dancers ultimately reach is not only up to them but also to their celebrity athletic partners to some extent. So fame and honor aren’t necessarily guaranteed either. But the show has to contain something that makes it popular with dancers, celebrities and viewers. And this might be the fun everyone has about it.

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