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GNTM Final with Tokio Hotel and guest referee: all information about the final show

GNTM Final with Tokio Hotel and guest referee: all information about the final show

Be it live weddings, first-class surprise guests or spectacular performances. As with every year, the GNTM finale will be a great experience. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the final episode of this year’s season.

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When will the GNTM Finals take place in 2021?

The GNTM Final will be broadcast on May 27, 2021 at 8:15 pm on ProSieben. Be present live, after so many exciting weeks, one of Heidi’s favorites is being crowned in Berlin.

GNTM: Who is in the final?

Four of the finalists have a chance to become the “Next Top Model in Germany”: these models are in the final.

The Tokyo Hotel in the Final: Tom, Bill & Company there

One of the highlights of the 2021 GNTM Final has already been revealed: Tokio Hotel and VIZE will be performing their new single live on stage for the first time!

Guest judge revealed for the final

At least someone from Julian MacDonald will support Heidi as a guest referee in the final match. In addition, the British fashion designer has another task: all the information about the appearance of a prominent guest juror.

All other information about guests, live shows, prices and notable events is kept strictly confidential. Once there is something new, you will find it here.

The resigning participant takes care of the moderation behind the scenes

Tamara was billed last year as a backstage presenter. This year, a supermodel who is by no means inferior to her has been chosen when it comes to knocking on the sayings: Marek will take charge of moderation behind the scenes in the GNTM Final. Thanks to her fondness for Anglicisms and her funny way, the nominated supermodel managed to gain many fans until her exit in Episode 9.

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Mareike was eliminated after the job rally – but not without causing Heidi and guest juror Rebecca Meyer to laugh by saying “in the end a duckling.”

Personality Award 2021

The character award will also be presented live in the final in 2021. Before that, fans can vote online for who will receive the award this year. Here you can find all information about the personality award and online voting.

In recent years, the award has gone to:

  • Tamara (2020)
  • Tatjana (2019)
  • Claudia (2018)

GNTM Premiere – Never Before

This year, for the first time in the “Next Topmodel in Germany”, sign language interpreters will translate the final presentation for hearing-impaired and deaf viewers live.

Fans can watch the subtitles via the live webcast or the red button on the remote control. The translations are done alternately by Stephanie Hook Schipling, Lisa von Furstenberg, and Daniel Rose. In addition, the final translation will take place live as usual (Televised Text page 149).

Blind and visually impaired viewers can also follow the performance evening thanks to the live audio description. Live voice descriptors Linda Stark and Alexandra Kloiber Karner comment in the evening alternately. Fans can find all accessibility information and links in the final # GNTM at

What prizes will the winner win?

GNTM Prize 2021 winner wins an Opel Mokka, € 100,000 and will be featured on the cover of “Harper’s BAZAAR”.

Information at a glance about GNTM 2021

  • Germany’s Next Top Model 2021 runs every Thursday at 8:15 pm on ProSieben and in the live broadcast, accompanied by a live tape.
  • If you missed a Thursday episode, the next Friday it will be 8:15 PM. Repetition at six x.
  • On and Gwen You can watch full episodes online for free.