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"Let's Dance" star Victoria Swarovski: Cheeky bob and neon jacket: She's mesmerizing us with her new look

“Let’s Dance” star Victoria Swarovski: Cheeky bob and neon jacket: She’s mesmerizing us with her new look

Victoria Swarovski is known for her elegant clothes and long blonde hair. Now she’s inspiring short hair and a brand new look!

Victoria Swarovski (27) not onlylet’s go dancing“The moderator, but also a likable model. In doing so, she basically falls in her way Long blonde hair and exceptional looks On. However, in her latest Instagram pics, there isn’t any trace of a whale mane anymore, and instead she’s surprised with a modern bob! It looks like the anchor has stayed true to her favorite color green. But the color suits her well! She skilfully wears a neon green jacket and a spring-like two-piece suit. Your fans are high. Does she shorten her hair from now on? Either way – Victoria inspires Swarovski in every look!

You can see her bob look and neon green springs in the video above.

Victoria Swarovski: A Rare Shot With Her Husband Werner Moores

2017 Got married Victoria Swarovski Werner Moores (43) in Italy. The two have been a couple for over ten years and are currently building a home in Munich. Also Offspring is being planned, As the presenter revealed recently. While the 27-year-old likes to be in the spotlight, her husband is more hesitant. They are all happier Fans for the screenshots For both.

IIn the video below, you can see Victoria Swarovski and Werner Moores closely hugging at a party.

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