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Lexus ROV: buggy with a small hydrogen engine

This is one Lexus Never existed before: hydrogen-powered and at the same time extremely off-road Buggy, the so-called ROV concept (ROV = off-road recreational vehicle). Will ROV go into serial production? Perhaps less, but rather see it as an artistic look.

Thanks to the open suspension, protective cage and powerful off-road tires for muddy slopes, the car has all the characteristics of an off-road vehicle. It has compact dimensions of 3120 x 1725 x 1800 mm (L x W x H).

Focusing on Lexus’ philosophy of putting the driver first, the developers wanted to create a vehicle you’d expect from a premium manufacturer. The body protects the occupants, integrates the distinctive Lexus grille and provides sufficient spring action for the front suspension. The front fenders are designed to protect against flying stones and mud.

The suspension cap is connected to the hydrogen tank at the rear to protect the components. The current Lexus design language is reflected in the headlights and taillights with the Lexus L logo and brand logo at the rear. The simple screen inside displays all the essential information without distracting the driver.

According to Lexus, the concept car impresses inside and out with its exceptional build quality. Particularly high-quality details include a leather steering wheel and gear knob with an ergonomic shape, as well as seats with faux leather covers and spring elements that compensate for the unevenness. For demanding use in the field, Lexus’ first hydrogen engine meets all requirements in terms of noise, longevity and reliability.

Lexus ROV

Hydrogen powered ROV concept has 1.0Lhydrogen engine, which operates like a conventional direct injection internal combustion engine, but is paired with a high-pressure tank for compressed hydrogen. It operates with virtually zero emissions and uses only a small amount of engine oil while driving.

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In addition, it should record with an amazing sound and powerful power delivery, which was made possible by the high combustion speed of hydrogen. Thanks to a lightweight chassis made of a fixed tubular frame and off-road suspension with large spring action, the ROV Concept delivers natural driving behaviour.

“The ROV concept is our answer to the growing passion for nature and our customers’ thirst for adventure,” says Spiros Fotinos, CEO of Lexus Europe. “The concept car combines our desire to develop lifestyle-oriented products while at the same time using our innovative technologies to take a step forward towards CO2 neutrality. Not only is it exciting to drive, but thanks to its hydrogen engine it also enables virtually one-stop emission-free operation. .”, So Fotinos.