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LH Mattle: "A good working relationship is the foundation for a good future"

LH Mattle: “A good working relationship is the foundation for a good future”

EUSALP General Assembly in Trento

  • Tyrol continues to work on transportation
  • EUSALP Youth Council is at the table for the first time

Today, Thursday, the political representatives of the EUSALP countries gathered in the General Assembly, which consists of seven state delegations. The General Assembly decides on EUSALP’s policy guidelines as well as annual priorities, to be implemented by working groups and EUSALP in the coming year, and monitors implementation. to take Tyrol LH Anton Mattel Attending the General Assembly. South Tyrol and Trentino currently jointly preside over the Great Alpine Region, which includes a total of 48 regions of the Alpine arc in the seven countries of Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France and Slovenia with a population of about 80 million.

“The country of Tyrol has been very involved in EUSALP since the beginning, because we are deeply convinced that good cooperation forms the basis for a good future. Only if we take our future into our own hands can we find good and sustainable solutions to the challenges ahead in the Alpine region for our population. This includes overcoming the energy crisis and climate change or sustainable mobility. LH Match in his speech.

In this sense, the Tyrolean ruler emphasized: “Especially for us in Tyrol, but also in the European region of Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino, the switch from road to rail is of central importance. Due to the acute burden of transit traffic along the Brenner Road and its negative effects On nature, the environment and the health of the population, joint resettlement measures are already needed.With 2.5 million trucks annually, about 40 percent of all Alpine crossings travel through the Brenner Pass.We cannot wait for the Brenner base tunnel to be completed;effective accompanying measures and conditions are also needed A fair framework for rail traffic. We owe that to the next generation.”

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In May this year, as part of the EUSALP Mobility Conference in Innsbruck, a joint declaration “Railway traffic in the Alpine region – together for a sustainable traffic and mobility system” was drawn up, which is politically supported by the 15 regions of EUSALP. He said, “The declaration is an important result of the presidency this year and a sign that the regions are working independently.” LH Case On the basis of the joint declaration, the Minister of Bavaria for Europe and the Governors of South Tyrol and Tyrol wrote a joint letter to the relevant national transport ministers and the President of the European Commission, in which a toll fee was introduced on the Brenner Road. Student.

2022 is the European Year of Youth

The European Commission has declared 2022 the European Year of Youth. “During the EUSALP presidency in 2018, Tyrol started a long-term process of involving young people in EUSALP because it is important for us that the next generation has a say in shaping the future Alpine region. It is therefore very important for me that young people sit with us at the table and participate in discussions and contribute their ideas.It is important that we take their voices seriously.Youth participation should not be a fig leaf, it should be planned for the long term LH Matt was satisfied and delighted with the participation of the EUSALP Youth Council in the General Assembly.

Meeting of the three rulers of Euregio

On the sidelines of the EUSALP General Assembly meeting LH Mattel too LH Arno Compatcher (South Tyrol) and LH Maurizio Fugatti (Trentino) For a brief exchange. The discussion focused on the topics of sustainability and transportation as well as the development of the European region of Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino.

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