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Liberal red decision: Denmark wants to set up asylum centers in Africa

Liberal red decision: Denmark wants to set up asylum centers in Africa

A majority in the Danish parliament on Thursday passed a law making asylum centers in other countries possible. This allows the authorities to airlift asylum seekers to third countries where they have to wait for their applications to be processed in Denmark. The bill came from the ruling Social Democrats and Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and was passed with the help of the liberal Finster Party.

A ticket to Denmark is not guaranteed

The newspaper “Jyllands-Posten” reported that the government has so far held talks with Rwanda, Tunisia, Ethiopia and Egypt. Concrete agreements for the construction of reception camps have not yet been concluded. Finster imposed that corresponding contracts with states must be approved by Parliament.

A person receiving an asylum application cannot count on coming to Denmark. It is planned that the person concerned will remain in the country or be transferred to a UN refugee camp.

UNHCR warns of domino effect

The UN refugee agency had criticized the plans in advance. “Transferring asylum and refugee protection procedures to another country outside Europe is not a responsible and sustainable solution – and it goes against the principles underlying international refugee cooperation,” said the representative of the Nordic and Baltic states, Henrik. Nordentoft. He said the Danes could trigger the domino effect.

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