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Life advice from the hero

Life advice from the hero

Kirchdorf and Karim Der. Franz Adrian Wenzel, aka Freddie Mercury from Waldenkirchen, aka Osterfried, is a guest at Kirchdorf. Hardly any place seems more appropriate than Hildegard. In collaboration with local literary suppliers Schlierbach, the artist will read from his enlightening religious-literary work “The Years of Convenience Are Over” on the occasion of the opening of the local expansion.

In it, Austrofred bravely answers and ponders his fans’ questions and offers a fascinating look at his own thinking. Who wouldn’t want to know how long ago they managed to always look good? But it is also able to provide profound insights into the existential question of how long the human race has survived. In addition to his theatrical career, he has also been repeatedly active as a writer and has now reached an era when one “begins to think” and think about how he would spend the rest of his fifty or sixty years. Anyway, closer to his fans, who he would like to support with this book in their journey in life and basic decisions like whether it’s better to order a schnitzel or a cordon bleu.

The hero will read with free admission on Friday, September 16, at 7 pm (entry 6 pm) at Hildegard, a café-bar in Kirchdorf.

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