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Resurrectionist - 20 centuries ago

Resurrectionist – 20 centuries ago

SPIRIT ADRIFT, WHICH Latest full album I rated it 4 very well about 2 years ago, back to you. However, not with a full-time spinner, but with an EP. In addition to two original authors, it has six cover editions which, according to mastermind Nate Jarrett, “…The DNA of SPIRIT ADRIFT includes…” Even if you don’t necessarily suspect it with some pieces.

’20 centuries have passed’ It starts with two band tracks. “The Wizard’s Destiny” is a blend of NWOBHM (IRON MAIDEN), CLASSIC (DIO) and Epic Heavy Metal (ETERNAL CAHMPION). A good start, but “group formation psychosis” slightly beats the opening and thus points directly to the highest point of the disc.

It continues with the original cover version relatively close to TYPE O NEGATIVE. It looks cute, but it doesn’t quite live up to the original in any way. Hulu comes out much better with many listeners as well as with the music press. Since I personally have never been able to do anything with PANTERA, the interpretation of SPIRIT ADRIFT does not even affect the peripheral aspect.

And the rest, originally from METALLICA, THIN LIZZY, ZZ TOP, and LYNYRD SKYNYRD, is fine, but never ruptures the stool. SPIRIT ADRIFT versions are very conservative and very independent.


Nice EP with a very good and good song, which one would have done. The Six Cover Editions may be a heartfelt affair for Nate Garrett, but for audiences they’re good but dispensable too. That’s why we’d rather wait for a whole new long-haul release from Americans.