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Light Colors – How the right lighting makes us shine

Light Colors – How the right lighting makes us shine

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The world of light offers more than we realize at first glance. Light colors and color rendering quality play a crucial role in our daily life. They not only have aesthetic effects, but also have physiological effects.

How it works? Light visible to the human eye consists of different colors. Each color of light has its own wavelength and energy.

Color temperature

Red has the longest wavelength and therefore the lowest energy – unlike short-wave blue light, which has more energy. These differences in light colors affect biological processes in the body. Red colors that give off warm light have a calming effect on us and promote healthy sleep.

In contrast, bluish light inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This is why offices are often equipped with cold lighting, while we should design our living areas with warm and comfortable lighting.

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Color effect

  • Warm white light (below 3300 Kelvin) is perceived as warm and comforting.
  • Neutral white light (3300 to 5300 K) has the feel of artificial light and exudes a sober atmosphere.
  • White daylight (more than 5300 Kelvin) has a technical and stimulating effect

Question for the lamp

Once we have decided on the right light, the question arises of which lamp to go with. Each light source has a certain quality of color rendering, which means the ability to display colors as they appear in natural lighting conditions. Color rendering is as important as the light color itself because it has a significant impact on the atmosphere of the room.

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