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Microsoft wants to cheat out Windows 11 by updating PCs

Microsoft wants to cheat out Windows 11 by updating PCs

who one Windows 10 computer He has and is not on Windows 11 If you want to update, you have to be careful. Microsoft wants to force the update to all users who have automatic updates activated.

The company explains on its website Support pagethis is Windows 10 update KB5001716 2 brings changes to the system when installed. One of them is that of Windows Freelance job updates Can download and install. According to Microsoft, this happens on devices that are “nearing end of support” or have reached “end of support,” and Microsoft didn't mention any specific time periods here.

Windows displays update prompts

In addition, Windows users can regularly post the update Update claims an offer. This isn't the first time Microsoft has tried to push Windows 11 more widely. There was already a similar one in February 2024 Batch update – At least for users whose devices meet the hardware requirements for Windows 11.

Anyone who receives such a notification can install Windows 11 by clicking the home button in the middle of the screen. If you want to keep Windows 10, you must confirm this by clicking on the small text in the lower left corner of the window.

It is also possible that Microsoft uses this request for Extended security updates For sale, which will continue to be offered for 3 years after the end of support for Windows 10. This is the first time that Microsoft is offering this option not only to businesses but also to private customers.

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