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Like Harry: Prince William once reportedly planned to visit America

Like Harry: Prince William once reportedly planned to visit America

The British outcry was loud Prince Harry A few years ago, he announced along with his wife Duchess Meghan I want to live in America. He wanted a more independent life – financially – and more privacy. and available. Such a move would be unthinkable Prince WilliamHeir to the throne who was once his father Charles III He will succeed as king.

William reportedly believed in privacy in New York

Williams should be clear Fate isn’t always predetermined: the now 41-year-old is said to have once considered moving to America. After completing his studies in Scotland in mid-2005, he may move to New York to protect his privacy rather than his home country, the newspaper reported. Sunday Mirror In 2003, citing civil servants.

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William – then 20 – was told he wanted to either get another degree or work in a gallery or art auction house.

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As is well known, nothing came of it. Harry and Meghan are America’s sought-after stars. Even there they cannot lead a backslidden life. In May, the couple said they had a “near disaster chase” with “several near misses with other drivers on the road, pedestrians and two NYPD officers.”

The New York Police Department’s report and the taxi driver’s statements Harry And Megan and the other people involved didn’t initially prove the serious allegations. The Mayor of New York has condemned this Eric Adams He described the incident as “irresponsible and irresponsible”. Police said: There are many photographers who have made traffic a challenge. In the end, the couple achieved their goal – “there were no accidents, court summonses, injuries or arrests related to it.”

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