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Like Prince Harry: Is Meghan now writing a disclosure book?

Like Prince Harry: Is Meghan now writing a disclosure book?

After their big Oprah interview, which attracted a lot of attention internationally, things calmed down for the two of them. But it looks like Harry and Meghan were just planning their next big career steps. In recent months, there has been talk of TV specials, Netflix deals, Spotify collaborations, and a planned Prince Harry memoir. That’s not all, according to expert and royal reporter Neil Shawn Meghan should be “open” to writing a book about herself after her children’s book “The Bench”.

But while many may suspect or even hope that this is a comprehensive book about her time in the royal family, it should be in the direction of a self-help book that shows “all the struggles I overcame.” .

Due to the fact that a number of the Duchess’s family have spoken out against her in recent years, and Meghan has usually kept a low profile, her book may also be her response to the constant accusations and various insults she has received from her father. , for example Thomas Markle Or her half-sister Samantha Markle You must suffer. Her father recently criticized Meghan and her husband again on his own YouTube channel, in which he spoke negatively about the royal couple. Even Prince Harry was recently publicly referred to as an “idiot” by his father-in-law. However, whether Meghan will publish an autobiographical book soon and what topics she will cover in it has yet to be officially confirmed by Sussex.

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