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Lil Nas X: "That's what I want."  der football player Braut sein . will

Lil Nas X: “That’s what I want.” der football player Braut sein . will

Lil Nas X was born in Montero Lamar Hill, Georgia in 1999. His song “Old Town Road” became a worldwide hit in 2018. His debut album “Montero” was released on Friday.

His appearance in cautious America should often evoke: In the “This Is What I Want” video, Lil Nas X is a soccer player in a pink dress. In the locker room, one of his teammates hugs, tears open a box of condoms with his teeth – and goes to the bathroom. The song for the clip sounds relatively harmless: he wants “a boy who can cuddle me all night”. someone hugging him. and love. African American with ‘golden teeth’ feels lonely ‘when I’m alone in my dreams’. Yet he remains – dressed as the bride – alone. He admits angrily: “Someone who loves. That’s what I fucking want. All that’s left of his flirtation with country music (his “Old Town Road” hit fell off the charts due to a lack of country elements and sparked controversy) is the hat and acoustic guitar. Pop suits him better on any case.

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(“Die Presse,” print edition, September 19, 2021)

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