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Linda Evangelista reveals her breast cancer diagnosis

Linda Evangelista reveals her breast cancer diagnosis

HSupermodel Linda Evangelista had to be treated for breast cancer. The 58-year-old told the Wall Street Journal that after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, she has a good prognosis today. Despite the possibility of the cancer returning, Evangelista is positive and “in a celebratory mood”.

The cancer was first discovered in December 2018 during an annual mammogram. Evangelista said, according to the report, that she then had her breasts removed “without hesitation”. “I thought I was healthy and ready for life. Breast cancer wasn’t going to kill me.”

However, in July 2022, Evangelista discovered another lump in her breast, as the cancer had returned to her breast muscle. And she underwent more treatments. “I just got into this mode that I know — just do what you have to do and do it. And that’s exactly what I did,” said the former supermodel.

The Canadian, who announced a failed plastic surgery two years ago, was one of the most successful and famous models in the world, especially in the eighties and nineties.

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