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Lindner, head of the FDP for "Jamaica" with the Union and the Greens «

Lindner, head of the FDP for “Jamaica” with the Union and the Greens «

Circulating as a potential kingmaker, Christian Lindner, head of the Free Democratic Party, said Jamaica is easier to get to than the traffic light coalition made up of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP.

10:38 AM, Sep 24, 2021


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Free Democratic Party leader Christian Lindner © (c) AFP (TOBIAS SCHWARZ)

The head of the Free Democratic Party, who played a potential kingmaker Christian Lindner advocates Jamaica’s alliance with the Union and the Greens After the German federal elections on Sunday. This is easier said than done Traffic Signs Alliance of SPD, Greens and FDP, He said on Friday on ZDF. “That’s why I prefer Jamaica if I can.” Lindner said the goal of the FDP is to narrow the gap between the Greens as much as possible.

The formation of the coalition after the elections will be especially exciting this time because there will be no party more than 30 percent. “It’s not a prom request.” It is possible that the FDP will be able to implement parts of its program. “We want to shape it, of course,” Lindner said. However, it is important to avoid shifting to the left, increasing taxes and easing the debt brake. “Left wing recipes are not recommended.”

Lindner, who will be traded as Germany’s next finance minister, said more attention should be paid to the money. The state could, for example, cancel multi-billion dollar subsidies for electric cars. This is also very attractive. “We can use the money in the state budget for better things, like modernizing education.”

Green Party co-leader Robert Habeck He demanded that negotiations on Jamaica’s alliance with the Union, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party should be different this time. This was a “single choke,” Habek said on ZDF four years ago. At the time, the FDP didn’t really want the union to be at odds, and the CSU of Munich kept the crosshairs. “It can never go this way again.” When asked about the Green Party’s losses in the polls in recent months, Habeck said: “We’re not there, you just have to admit that, that’s where we wanted to be.” If something is added in the last spurt of the election campaign, “everything will be fine”.

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Conservative candidate for chancellor Armin Laschet In the meantime once emphasized that the holder of the first place does not necessarily lead to the chancellery. “We may not yet know what a future chancellor will look like on election night,” ZDF’s Laschet said. Despite the lack of surveys, his goal is still to take first place. The SPD could also try to form a government in second place. “I’m doing everything I can to get a bourgeois government,” said the CDU leader. In the end, party platforms must agree.

He believes that attempts will be made to form a left-wing alliance if it is mathematically feasible. Laschet admits his mistakes: “There were mistakes in this election campaign.”