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Linsberger changes training ahead of World Cup winter

Linsberger changes training ahead of World Cup winter

Katharina Linsberger had an aha moment at Sölden a year ago. Fourth place in giant slalom There was by far the best performance by a Vorarlberg woman at the start of the Alpine Ski World Cup. This is how it should continue for them next Saturday (October 22), at the start of the Winter World Cup. Preparations brought some innovation to the slalom runners-up at the Beijing Olympics, primarily through coach Livio Magoni. The new guy on the ÖSV team takes special care of them.

Liensberger publicly accepted the change in the training sector. “Once you change, there are new approaches and perspectives. Everyone has their own ideas and philosophies. You have to accept that and take the next steps,” the 25-year-old was aware of the new situation after the end of the season. This was followed by 30 days of snowfall until the beginning of July alone, during which many technical changes were made. “We knew we really had to start a lot from scratch. It takes a certain amount of time and a lot of good snow days.”

The 2021 double world champion holds three Olympic medals and five World Championship medals, and ideally wants to successfully defend her title at the World Slalom Championships in Courchevel/Méribel in February. Are changes in training not counterproductive? Liensberger sees things completely differently: “Changes are always an opportunity to expand, build and do better. I just want to take a chance and develop myself more. It has been very successful years so far and now is the time to take the next steps with the changes that have been made.”

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In Ushuaia, Argentina, the Olympic women’s national team champion in Beijing found conditions for winter training like her ÖSV teammates in the summer. Despite a lot of good training, she doesn’t feel quite ready for Sölden, explained Linsberger two weeks before the start of ÖSV’s media event in Salzburg. But there is still a little time. The trust is there: “Until last year I would have said it was a difficult relationship with Solden. Thank God I was able to turn it around. Of course I hope I can build on that.”

Last winter, at the beginning of March, she only managed to make the top 10 in the giant slalom when she came sixth from Linzerheide, and she was 15th in the Olympics, so there is room for improvement. “I want to get ahead in the giant slalom. There is a lot to do in this area,” Linsberger said in an interview with the Austrian news agency APA. In Austria, the speed is not currently set – nor in the slalom. Of course, the competitive athlete takes it easy: “It’s enough to be in good shape in the race.”

Even more important is the three-time World Cup winner in slalom, which remains her main specialty. “I want to focus on that very clearly this season. Although I have already shown very good results in the giant slalom, the slalom has always been easier for me.” It begins between the narrow poles on the nineteenth / twentieth. November In Levi, the parallel competition at Lech/Zorse is scheduled to take place a week earlier.

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At the end of the season, Liensberger ideally wants to hold the slalom ball in his hands, as was the case the season before last. Last winter, after winning in March in Ari and second and third places in Linz and Zagreb at the start of the year, she took fourth place in the discipline classification. However, Linsberger doesn’t want to pressure himself into pursuing the crystal again: “It happens when the time is right. I had a ball, and I know how you feel—and healthy. So I want to make it happen again.”