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lioness talking

lioness talking

Samba Tembo, born in 1993 in Zambia, works as the Great Samba. “As Above, So Below” is the name of her second album in which she sings in the Bantu Wemba language.

Great Samba: “Let me be great.” American rapper Lauren Hill once sang “The victorious lion will break every chain” (the lion is the symbol of the tribe of Judah). Zambian rapper Samba the Great seems to be alluding to this when she sings here: “The fact that a queen named Lauren said you can conquer any hill – that’s how I feel.” Her stage name shows that she is. It is the theme of this piece, driven by cool rhythm and embellished with shimmering sounds. Samba says: “I am a lion, I am a king,” but also: “I am Eve.” The king and the primal mother. And no doubt. Now, or will it? Fact or allegation? Indicative or optional? Both. “Oh yes! Let me!” Angelique Kidjo, the famous fellow from Benin, sings beaming in the chorus. Then it was Samba’s turn again: “You can never fail. Even when you fall, you prevail.” Brilliant optimism proud. Thomas Kramar

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