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Little Stage 103: Full Moon Talk: Star Trek Utopia

Little Stage 103: Full Moon Talk: Star Trek Utopia

Wednesday, December 27, 2023 at 7 pm
Office Borsig11, Flurstraße 10, 44145 Dortmund / Online

On December 27, 2023, on the last full moon of the year, the full moon's conversation will travel to the endless expanses of space. Several light-years from Earth, it traverses galaxies that no human has ever seen before.

on him Homepage Uri Bulbul lets it rip, philosophically and literary. In “Lost in Space – Odyssey in Thought Space 2023” there is an astronautics spaceflight with speed x times warp speed to the star system UTOPIA, about which he writes:

“An astronaut tries to reach the utopia of the star system with the help of philosophy in an intellectual journey against all natural laws, against all economics, sociology, political science and psychology. It is not known how many light years away Utopia is from Earth because it has not been discovered astronomically.

In an unknown galaxy, after passing through a few black holes, you can land on utopia if you can break through the space-time continuum, and, taking the fourth dimension as the base for space-time, move to the next dimensions at three times the speed of light, catapulting.”

Of course you can only talk about the “catapult” metaphorically. Trekis might say: There must be a projector! Yes, it cannot be contradicted, even if a beam in space can dissolve you molecularly as hot tea dissolves sugar, in “Lost in Space – A Thought Space Odyssey” I sweeten the atmosphere of the universal text with my molecules.”

It is impossible to make such a trip alone. No one knows how, but Ori has found a real Star Trek expert with whom he can bring the warp drive under the full moon: Oliver Tentelot's Will Riker, Tasha Yar, Geordi LaForge, Worf, Captain Kirk, Pavel Chekov, Hikaru Sulu and the Master. .Spock in one person!

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Held monthly on the full moon, The Full Moon Talk is a reading, conversation and music session with Uri Bülbül and guests. In Essen, accompanied by his dog Diego, the philosopher and writer reads, talks and meditates on topics of culture, politics and wisdom.

Submission is free. The event will also be broadcast live:

Full Moon Conversation by Uri Bühlbühl is part of the program “Complete 103” by Giulia Rumi / Feasibility Borsig11 eV, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Interkultur Ruhr and the Cultural Office of Dortmund It was made possible through opportunities for residents: within the Borsigplatz area.