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Max Verstappen will das scheinbar Unmögliche möglich machen

Live tape Singapore: This is how it goes after the rain / Formula 1

Max Verstappen could become champion for the second time in Singapore. But the position of grid 8 is not a good starting point. With our live tape, you will not miss any of the most important moments of the night GP.

The starting position is simple if Max Verstappen wants to successfully defend his world title in the night race in Singapore on October 2. The Dutchman should win in Singapore and also get an extra point on the fastest lap of the race, at the same time his rival Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) can finish eighth at most, Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez fourth at most. If Verstappen wins without the fastest lap of the race, Leclerc could be a maximum of ninth, and Pérez a maximum of fourth and not driving the fastest lap of the race.

After the last practice session of the prestigious race, winning the title early on at the Marina Bay circuit would be very difficult for Max Verstappen: Charles Leclerc grabbed the lead and Max had to abort his best lap because he was in danger of running out of fuel – only the start of the eighth position.

The 31-time Dutch Grand Prix winner will need to combine flawless performance with a slightly insane track to turn things around at the Grand Prix. You can follow our live tape here to see if it worked.

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