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Race day!  Warm up for all classes

Race day! Warm up for all classes

06:04 AM

MotoGP warm-up: Ducati quad on top

Near the end, not much happened in the rating. Bagnaia stays ahead with a time of 1: 30.360. Marini moves up to second on his last lap. It’s twenty seconds late. Zarco and Bastianini complete the Ducati quartet at the top.

Oliveira could eventually improve and finish fifth. Behind them are Quartararo, Martin, Vinales, Alex Espargaro and Reigns. Marc Marquez returns to 14th place. Complete the fewest nine laps, 0.825 seconds back.

5:56 am

MotoGP warm-up: middle ranking

There is still five minutes to drive. Arrangement: Bagnaia, Zarco, Bastianini, Marini, Quartararo, Vinales, Aleix Espargaro, Rins, Di Giannantonio, Bezzecchi. Marc Marquez is only eleventh, but now he’s moving on again.

By the way, everyone is now on the road with the average front tire.

5:51 AM

MotoGP warm-up: Ducati trio in the front

Halfway, we’re back in the familiar picture: three Ducati up front – Bagnaya, Bastianini, Zarco – and Quartararo in fourth. Bagnaia increased the best time to 1:30.360 minutes. Marc Marquez is currently ninth and only in the hole.

5:48 am

MotoGP Warm-up: Closing the Gaps

They are all on the road with tires of all ages. So you can’t read much at times. Bastianini and Quartaro are the first to break in this minute 1:31 session and remove Aprilia from the lead.

As usual, the gaps are narrow. 14 drivers within one second.

5:44 AM

MotoGP warm-up: final preparations

Now it’s the adults’ turn. With 20 minutes, you have twice the time to get ready for the race in this warm-up. Most return to the pits after rehearsing to change bikes if a science-to-science race takes place.

5:33 AM

Moto2 warm-up: Chantra in the fore

Also on the Moto2, the shaft positioner adjusts the warm-up speed. Chantra leads the session with a time of 1:36.054 minutes which is 0.152 seconds faster than Lopez, who is second with boscuro. Arbolino is in third place.

Roberts and Ogura rounded out the top five. Followed by the championship leaders Fernandez, Ocza, Gonzalez, Salak and Vetti. 20 drivers fall within one second. Schrotter is 23, 1.298 seconds.

5:15 am

Moto3 warm-up: Fujia with the best time

Moto3 riders can do six laps in the ten-minute warm-up period. In the end, pole setter Foggia was in the lead with a time of 1:42.765 minutes. Sasaki is second with a margin of 90 parts per thousand. Suzuki follows in third place.

Masia and Nepa took fourth and fifth places. McPhe, Garcia, Munoz, Kelso and Toba completed the top ten, separated by half a second. World Championship leader Guevara finished the warm-up session 13th.

04:59 AM

the conditions

It is currently dry. The stands are already full and fans are waving everywhere because it’s wet. There are a few dark clouds in the sky, but for now the warm-up sessions can start on a dry track.

4:55 am

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good morning!

We are back with a new version of the MotoGP live bar and we are looking forward to an exciting racing day in Buriram! Bezzecchi surprised yesterday with his first place. Will the race also be a surprise?

It should not depend on the weather in the least. So far, the expected rains have largely not materialized. Let’s wait and see how the weather develops today. As always, Sunday starts with a warm-up.

Sunday schedule:
05:00-05:10: Moto3 . warm-up
05:20-05:30: Moto2 . warm-up
05:40-06:00 Warm-up for motorcycles

07:00: Moto3 (22 laps)
8:20 a.m.: Moto2 (24 laps)
10:00 am: Speedway (26 laps)