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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp puzzled after Leeds United loss: 'Definitely setback'

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp puzzled after Leeds United loss: ‘Definitely setback’

“It’s definitely a setback,” Klopp commented. First home defeat since March 2021. “We’re currently having problems bringing our qualities onto the pitch,” the 55-year-old analyzed, citing his large workload and personal issues as common causes at Sky. “We had injuries from day one and some players had to come back early.”

The Reds fell back after just four minutes in the west of England with a “crazy” goal when goalkeeper Alisson slipped away after a back pass from Joe Gomez and opened the pass for Rodrigo Moreno. For the eighth time in the 12th match in the Premier League, the Liverpool federation conceded from 0-1 down.

But even after Mohamed Salah scored 1-1 (14), Thiago’s side lacked supremacy against ailing Leeds who were winless in eight games. “A draw has not fully restored our security, for whatever reason,” perplexed Klopp and criticized: “The problem is that we cannot control games like this at the moment.”

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The coach also criticized the chances, saying: “If you don’t take your chances, leave the match open.” A penalty kick was followed shortly before the end: 1:2 by Crescencio Summerville (89) sealed the Reds’ fourth defeat of the season.

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Liverpool continues to slide

“You can’t defend like we defended the second goal. It’s not possible. I can’t explain it,” Klopp said, “frustrated” about the lucky punch from the guests.

But: the outrageous triumph of the outsider wasn’t too happy after all. “I think she was well deserved for the three points,” Jesse Marsh said. “We believe in our plan and grow with the challenges,” said the Leeds boss. “I think we saw that today.”

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The mood, on the other hand, is completely different. “I would have had a draw with me in that difficult moment, but now we are empty-handed, which is a completely different feeling,” admitted the Reds boss, who has fallen to ninth and is now 13 points behind long-time rivals Manchester City. behind.

Alison warns: No time to breathe

The championship is already far away and Liverpool are eight points behind in the Champions League.

“This is the Premier League. We don’t have time to breathe,” goalkeeper Alison rang the alarm bell after the match at Anfield. Next weekend, Liverpool will face Tottenham Hotspur as a direct contender in the battle for the First Division.

The Brazilian’s path: “We can’t stand our frustration in the next match.”

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