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Locking in Shanghai: Withdrawal of staff from the US Embassy

In the ongoing lockout in Shanghai, the United States is withdrawing non-essential staff from its embassy in the eastern Chinese port city. A spokesman for the US embassy in Beijing announced today that the diplomats and their families would depart on business flights.

Departure for diplomats is no longer a voluntary activity, previously possible, but a service instruction. “Our hiring change reflects our belief that it is best to reduce and minimize the activities of our employees and their families as we deal with the changing circumstances there.”

Affected children are separated from their parents

During the curfew order for the 26 million people living in the Chinese Economic and Financial Center, there have been loud complaints about the separation of children from their parents, sometimes lasting up to two weeks, due to inadequate food supply, medical care issues and isolation. .

Despite the high number of infections, the city government relaxed the lock slightly yesterday. Districts in Shanghai are divided into three risk zones according to the number of CoV cases. Some residents are allowed to move freely again, while others can at least leave their homes even if they have to stay inside their home. If new infections are detected in the last seven days, residents should stay inside.

Despite the zero-govt strategy, China has been experiencing the biggest CoV wave since the outbreak began two years ago. Most cases were found in Shanghai. If anyone in China is affected they should go to an isolated camp. The Beijing Health Authority announced yesterday that nearly 25,000 new infections have been detected across the country. More than 23,000 cases are asymptomatic.

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