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London denied a report of an intended rapprochement with the European Union

The British government rejected a report that it was seeking closer relations with the European Union. A London government spokesman described the article as “clearly untrue”. Instead, the UK government is focused on “using our freedoms through Brexit to create opportunities that promote growth and strengthen our economy.”

Brexit means that the UK will never have to return to freedom of movement or make “unnecessary payments to the EU”.

The Minister of Health also denied

The article was also denied by British Health Secretary and former Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay. We have a prime minister who was pro-Brexit. I was in favor of myself, I was Brexit secretary and I worked hard to achieve maximum control over our laws, our borders and our money.” “I want to maximize the opportunities that Brexit provides.”

The Sunday Times reported, citing an unnamed minister, that the government was aiming for a Swiss-style relationship with the European Union three years after Brexit. Accordingly, this could be implemented over the course of this decade in order to reduce existing barriers to trade. The report said that London is ready to pay its money into the coffers of the European Union, but the government will not agree to return to the principle of freedom of movement.

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