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Weather in Tyrol: sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows and then again sun

Weather in Tyrol: sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows and then again sun

Weather Tyrol doesn’t quite know where he’s going in the end. Sometimes it rains, then a few snowflakes fall, until the sun comes up again the next hour. But what about the next few days?

Tyrol. According to the Austrian Severe Weather Center, it will be on Tuesday In western and southern Austria in some valleys in the early morning hours there will be freezing rain with a similar risk of snow. During the day, precipitation spreads to the northeast and the snow line drops into many valleys, and sometimes inland East Tyrol Also about snow from the start. In the mountains of the east and south Innsbruck Then it snows heavily. In the north and east it is still mostly dry today, but from midday it will also be increasingly wet here or above about 600m wintry. Maximum values ​​range from 0 to +7 degrees.

A few scattered snowflakes

In the Kitzbühel Alps, in Wednesday More snowflakes are falling, but soon they will loosen up all over Tyrol, and especially in Innviertel. But in the afternoon, it became darker again due to heavy clouds and rain. From 1300 meters there can be snowfall. Temperatures reach a maximum of 2 to 9 degrees.

affiliate Thursday also becomes variable. A little rain, a little snow shower, and over 1000 to 1300 meters some snow. However, there can be black ice in the morning. East Tyrol gets the most sun today.

How will you start the weekend?

affiliate Friday It starts sleet again but we can expect a mixture of sun and clouds. As the day progresses, clouds may increase and showers may occur.
affiliate Saturday It seems to be very dry and loose now. The sun dares to come out longer again.
it will be lukewarm Sunday morning Anyway, at least we’re getting started on winter despite the temperatures.

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