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London wants to deport immigrants despite the decision of the European Court of Human Rights

According to a media report, a recent law contains a provision allowing provisional orders under Article 39 of the European Court of Human Rights to be ignored.

According to media reports, the British government wants to deport unwanted immigrants to Rwanda and other countries even if the European Court of Human Rights prohibits it at short notice. The Telegraph reported on Monday that a provision in a recently introduced law allows temporary orders under Article 39 of the European Court of Human Rights to be ignored.

The conservative government is currently trying to lift the obstacles to implementation in negotiations with the court in Strasbourg. Under “Rule 39,” the judges blocked the first deportation flight to Rwanda in East Africa in 2022.

They were automatically arrested and deported

Home Secretary Soella Braverman’s draft would see all people entering the UK unwelcome, regardless of their background, detained for up to a month. They are then deported back to their home country or – if that would be too dangerous – to Rwanda or another country. They should be denied the right to seek asylum. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees speaks of a “ban on asylum”.

During a visit to Rwanda, Braverman criticized the European Court of Human Rights’ decision as “deeply flawed”. “That’s why we have procedures in our project that address how the UK intends to comply with such orders in the future,” the politician said. The minister, herself a descendant of immigrants of Indian descent, praised Rwanda, which has been criticized for gross human rights abuses, as a “blessing” for migrants and a “beacon of hope for refugees”.

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The fact that Braverman was widely photographed laughing in front of a complex where immigrants are accommodated has drawn criticism. In addition, only conservative media such as ‘Telegraph’ or GB News broadcaster were invited to travel with them.