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Lone Bayreuth "Walkure" scene of Hermann Nietzs booed

Lone Bayreuth “Walkure” scene of Hermann Nietzs booed

In the end, there were many boos and little standing ovation for Hermann Nietzsche’s performance of “Walküre” at the Bayreuth Festival. After the new show of “Episode” was completely postponed before the pandemic to 2022 by young Austrian director Valentin Schwartz, the semi-scenic part 2 of the quartet aims to shorten the waiting time in the interpretation of the legendary. Action artist. But the rush of colors didn’t reach everyone on Thursday.

For long periods of the evening, Nitsch adheres to the concept of pure painting and flowing movement in symbolic colors behind the group standing on the slope. In only a few moments he competes with the singers with the Crucified.

The second actor of the evening, who at the end of the evening faced a huge number of expressions of discontent from the audience, was Petari Enkinin as the lord of the trench. With a demeanor that has been slow for long periods and frequently unbalanced in terms of color combination, the Finn has shown little appetite for next year’s scenic Ring. The band of singers behaved more convincingly.

Above all, Norwegian Lise Davidsen as Sieglinde once again cemented her place as the ultimate shooting star in the Wagner universe. So the 34-year-old earned a well-deserved applause, who was also seen as totally unscrupulous Fricka for Krista Meyer’s performance. As for the men, it was Klaus Florian Vogt and Thomas Konechny, the darling of the hills, Wootan’s replacement for Günther Grosbock, who canceled his debut a few days ago, and who saved the honor of Testosterone.

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(Serving – “Die Walküre” by Richard Wagner as part of the Bayreuth Festival 2021. Music director: Petary Enkinen, Styling: Hermann Nietsch. With Sigmund – Klaus Florian Vogt, Honding – Dmitri Beluselski, Wattan – Thomass Konichny, Sieglind – Liz Davidsen, Brünnhilde – Iréne Theorin, Fricka / Schwertleite – Christa Mayer, Gerhilde – Kelly God, Ortlinde – Brit-Tone Müllertz, Waltraute – Stephanie Houtzeel, Helmwige – Daniela Koehler, Siegrune – Nana Dzidzigori, Marie Grimeroni (more shows on August 3-19).