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Looks like Rebel Wilson was pressured by the press before coming out

Looks like Rebel Wilson was pressured by the press before coming out

Australian actress, Rebel Wilson, said she was put in a “very difficult situation” by a newspaper prior to her discharge. Wilson wrote on Twitter that she tried to “manage the situation modestly” by publicly acknowledging her affair with a woman on Friday. The day before, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that she was aware of the affair and gave Wilson two days to make a statement.

“Big mistake. Wilson decided to twist the story and post about the new ‘Disney Princess’ on Instagram early Friday morning,” gossip columnist Andrew Hornery wrote in an article published on Saturday. Activists and fans then accused the newspaper of forcing Wilson – who had not publicly revealed her sexual orientation until then – out.

The newspaper initially denied pressuring Wilson, stating that it had asked questions about Wilson’s relationship with “excessive caution and respect”. Editor Bevan Shields stated, “We would have asked the same questions if Wilson’s new partner had been a man.”

The Sydney Morning Herald removed the article from its website on Monday. Hornery admitted to the newspaper’s “bad” handling of Wilson’s outing.

Wilson is known from the movie series “Pitch Perfect”. She made her relationship with fashion designer Ramona Agroma public on Instagram on Friday.

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